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Digital Imaging
A Pioneer of Digital Imaging SoC Solutions
Novatek's new approach to digital imaging SoC solutions was established as a result of the increased demand for consumer electronics requiring the highest level of image quality and system performance efficiency.

In recent years, Novatek has focused its R&D force on strengthening its position in the digital imaging related market, and on enabling the company to deliver innovative SoC solutions, from the design, development and manufacturing processes to the marketing and sales of products to worldwide customers and device manufacturers.

In order to compete more effectively, Novatek keeps on acquiring more technologies and recruiting top-tier talents, allowing the company to achieve significant cost synergies and become better positioned to satisfy customer needs and establish faster growth in the emerging consumer electronics market.

Novatek has successfully developed its expertise in the following areas:

  1. A SoC platform with a 32-Bit RISC CPU plus peripheral IPs dedicated to audio and video processing
  2. H.264 and MPEG4 CODEC
  3. Multi-standard video decoder (MPEG-4/2/1 Decoder, WMV Decoder)
  4. Multi-standard audio decoder (MP3, WMA, AAC Decoder)
  5. Color and imaging processing technologies
  6. Digital scaling technology
  7. Digital image stabilizer technology
  9. Low-power SoC design
  10. Total DSC solution for models with a resolution of up to 16M pixels
  11. Cell phone camera module solution with a resolution of up to 5M pixels
  12. Portable Multimedia Player (PMP) solution

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