Corporate Social Responsibility

Friendly Workplace

Novatek Microelectronics is a leading domestic IC design company. Since its establishment, the Company has enthusiastically invested in product research and development and technological innovation. In addition to our efforts in creating the Company's value in the global industry and in society, we are also actively creating a happy and friendly working environment, taking care of our employees' health, and caring for their families, allowing them to be free of worry and to fully commit themselves to the enthusiasm and creativity of their work.

Labor Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Committee

In order to prevent occupational hazards and enhance the employees’ safety and health, Novatek has established within the organization the Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Committee, which is convened regularly to discuss issues related to labor safety, health and environmental protection, and to promote related businesses and activities. The Committee has 1 Chairman and 35 members. Among the committee members, 29 of them are labor representatives, which accounts for 80% of the total committee members. Labor representatives are elected by the staffs of each department.

Statistics of Absence Rate & Occupational Disabling Injury Rate

Novatek strives to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. In the event of an accident, the person involved in the accident or any nearby personnel should report immediately to his/her supervisor and the staff at the Administration Service Office. The occupational safety personnel and occupational health nurses will then offer the assistance needed for remedy. Afterwards, investigation report will be prepared for continual improvement.

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Management Plan for the Prevention of Abnormal Work Load Induced Sickness

Novatek is a professional IC design company with a good and simple working environment. There is no labor engaged in high-risk activities or particular jobs involving a high disease occurrence rate. According to Article 6 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the employer should plan and take appropriate measures of safety and health prevent the occurrence of sickness which may be induced from abnormal work load such as abnormal work shifts, night-shift work, and overtime work, etc. For this reason, Novatek has established the “Management Plan for the Prevention of Abnormal Work Load Induced Sickness” to manage and promote the sickness preventive measures for its entire staff, ensuring that the employees of Novatek are both physically and mentally healthy and that sickness due to abnormal work load can be avoided. Health risk evaluation was conducted by the nursing staff based on the correlation between personal cerebral & cardiovascular disease risk and work load every six months. Employees who need special care will be selected and they will be interviewed and assisted by labor health related doctors or professional doctors. Based on the interview records, recommendation and improvement measures will be proposed, implemented and recorded.

Personnel Safety and Health Training

Novatek urges its employees to understand the corporate regulations and policies on environmental safety and hygiene and the corporate commitments through educational training. In addition, educational training also allows the employees of Novatek to understand the impact of various corporate activities on the environmental safety risks and emergency response plans, ensuring that the goals of environmental safety and hygiene can be attained and the regulations in the manual on environmental safety and hygiene can be strictly obeyed.

The administration service office of the company is responsible for investigating and analyzing the need for training courses on environmental safety and hygiene and formulating the training plans. Based on the training plans, each department shall ask the staff to take educational training courses regularly or randomly through either classroom or online courses. In addition, Novatek also requires its qualified subcontractors to present the needed educational training records based on the “Safety and Health Management Process for Subcontractor Operations” in order to ensure the safety and health of personnel within the organization.

For more information on recruiting, training and management development, remuneration and benefits and employee rights and communication, please refer to the “Friendly Workplace” chapter in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Download