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AEO Policy

Novatek’s policy of Taiwan Security and Safety Authorized Economic Operators (AEO)

On 29 May 2015, Novatek passed the investigation process from Customs Administration of Ministry of Finance, and became the first IC design company in Taiwan with AEO certificate.

After receiving AEO certificate, Novatek would enhance the overall competitiveness and customer’s satisfaction, by working closer with Customs Administration and business partners, improving the efficiency of imports/exports of goods, and providing higher quality of service to customers.

  • Implementing the sound supply chain management mechanism, in order to ensure the security of goods during the production and logistics process.

  • Executing safeguard measures of corporate trade secrets and information security, in order to protect corporate and customer’s rights and interests.

  • Constructing solid office environment and entrance control, in order to guarantee the overall safety and security of employees and operation activities.

  • Providing complete safety training, in order to improve the capability of employee’s self-safety management.

AEO Policy