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With more fantastic inventions of TV and smart phones in recent years, combined with the rapid evolution and growth of new multimedia devices, interactive services, wireless communications and internet infrastructures, as a result, the demand for higher quality multimedia continues to increase, pushing the consumer electronics market to unprecedented levels throughout the world. These growing markets have led to the development of devices with increased integration, powerful features, and value-added functions, which encourage more upgrades and replacement in the near future. People around the world are stepping into a new era of captivating digital lifestyles.


Novatek's expertise in SoC design continues to solidify our leadership position in the digital audio and video multimedia markets. Our advanced multimedia solutions provide designers with an abundant array of features for a wide range of applications in TV, DVD players, digital camera, and iDTV.


Novatek is committed to taking you to new heights in your communication and entertainment experience.


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Timing controllers
Description: Signal processing
Major application: TVs, notebook computers, desktop monitors
LCD monitor controllers
Description: Controlling monitor system and signal processing
Major application: Desktop monitors
TV controllers
Description: Controlling TV system and signal processing
Major application: Digital TVs, smart TVs
Power Management controllers
Description: Manage power supply for the main system
Major application: TV, Notebook, Monitor, Smart phone, wearable products
Digital image controllers
Description: Digital image system control and signal processing
Major application: Mobile phone, tablet PC, camera modules, Dashcam recording, IP CAM, car backup camera
CMOS image sensors
Description: Image sensor and signal processing
Major application: Multimedia and mobile phone camera modules