Display Driver IC

Delivering the competitive edges of display technologies

Recognized as the world's leading solution provider for a full array of Display Driver ICs for LCD displays, Novatek has successfully become the industry leader by achieving substantial growth of its revenue and unit shipment, as well as design wins with its world-class customers since its announcement of Taiwan's first 240ch gate driver and 288/240ch source driver for TFT LCD back in October 1999.


Since then, Novatek has concentrated its R&D resources on delivering the total solution of Display Driver IC, targeting for higher performance, lower EMI, low power consumption and highly integration. With Novatek's design-wins with the world's leading panel manufacturers, and affiliated with its strength of chip design, advanced fabrication capacity and process technologies, Novatek has been able to continually deliver the best value added solutions at the best time to market, thereby gaining the satisfaction and royalty from the customers.


A full range of display driver IC solutions is provided for diverse applications and displays at a variety of panel sizes and technologies.

Large-sized driver IC
Description: Driving large-sized displays
Major application: TVs, notebook computers, desktop monitors
Medium-sized driver IC
Description: Driving medium-sized displays
Major application: Cameras, tablet, PCs, automotive display
Small-sized driver IC
Description: Driving small-sized displays
Major application: Smart phones, wearable products