Training & Development

Employees are our most important assets

We expect every employee to have the opportunity to explore and develop himself/herself, and embrace challenges in order to become a top-tier expert.

The investment and cultivation of talents have always been the emphasis of Novatek.

While leading our employees to achieve operational objectives of the company, we also focus on the professional growth and progress of each individual.

We help familiarize new employees with the mechanism of team operation, thus allowing employees to integrate their personal talents and knowledge with the company's operational objectives. We also lead employees to properly utilize company resources and learning tools and interact positively with members of their team. Most importantly, we hope that every employee enjoys their experience at Novatek!

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Plan for the future, and create new life

We value and respect the career plan of each employee. Some employees are dedicated to the exploration and development of new technology and choose to devote themselves to the field of technology. On the other hand, some employees wish to expand their horizons in different directions and explore a wider range of professional fields.


We provide different types of support and learning opportunities to fuel the persistence and diversified interests of our employees in professional fields, thus allowing them to achieve individual growth and accomplishments in such professions.

We also provide training for managers to strengthen professional management and cultivate various operational leadership capabilities and methods. In order to lead an elite team filled with talents, we must continuously enhance the quality and efficiency of our management.


For a long time, our company has been dedicated to investment and commitment in human resources. It has been proven that the exertion of high quality manpower and proper use of human resources are closely related to the company's operational performance. The individual growth and innovation of our employees are indeed the foundation of long-term development and advancement of our company.

We encourage continuous learning among our employees. The learning and growth plan provided by our company includes:


External technological trends:except for the professional skills required at work, our company fully supports our employees to pursue new knowledge and learn new skills. The technology information center of our company helps our employees gain access to the latest technology literature, industrial reports, and patent information from all over the world. In addition, we encourage employees to attend various domestic or foreign technology seminars and exhibitions if necessary. Our company has also joined various associations, academic societies, industrial alliances, and organizations of related industries. With diversified learning channels, our employees can get connected to the entire world and gain synchronized access to new knowledge and technologies.


Internal intellectual property database:the internal intellectual property database of the company is the integration of professional know-how, IP, patent database, and product development related technical documents. Our employees are granted access to this database via authorized accounts and passwords to obtain all kinds of information required at work.


Complete on-job training:our company has arranged a series of internal educational training courses in different categories, including training for new employees, a new employee instructor system, professional skill and management skill training, language education, and various on-job training. Our employees can also attend various professional training programs and courses outside the company or make use of internal online data for self-learning. The comprehensive training courses can help our employees gradually learn and develop various capabilities required at work.

The more you learn, the faster you grow

Our company drives our employees to continuously learn to grow and integrate self-professional job skills and thus fulfill their working experience with learning satisfaction. We hope that Novatek employees enjoy their jobs and learning!

Employees must acquire approval by their supervisor to receive full reimbursement of training fees from the company for various professional or job skills training courses required at work. These courses must be completed and the results of training must meet the standard and achieve a desirable level of satisfaction. Our company also provides subsidies for various language training courses to encourage our employees to strengthen their language capabilities outside of work.

Work together to create an A+ Novatek

Talent is the answer for the growth and success of Novatek. Let’s grow and succeed together via team creativity, innovation energy, the ability to find and solve problems, and team spirit.

The continuous learning and growth of our team members will lay the foundation for the future development of our company.

The quality of our employees' professional skills is the key for growth and profit of our company.

Compete for the future and seize the opportunity

In the face of drastically changing global competition, all Novatek employees always seize every opportunity for learning and growth while strengthening personal professional skills in order to enhance the core competency of our company. Novatek provides diversified job opportunities, allowing our employees to create different life views while facing future challenges, such that they can constantly learn, grow and succeed at different stages of life.

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