Salary & Benefits

At Novatek, our primary responsibility lies in taking care of our employees. We provide a comfortable and safe work environment, suitable equipment and resources, and a comprehensive remuneration and welfare system for all members of our organization.  Our comprehensive welfare plan contains numerous welfare benefits and services, which are available to full-time employees, contracted employees, temporary employees, and interns.


The salary and bonus of each employee are closely related to personal performance. We ensure that the efforts and achievements of each individual are appropriately awarded and guarantee that overall remuneration is on par with competitors in the industry.

Salary and Insurance


Insurance and Retirement system

In addition to labor insurance and health insurance by laws.  Novatek provide group insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, cancer insurance, and overseas business trip travel insurance paid by the company. Our employees can choose to purchase better group insurance for their families at their own expenses.  The retirement system of our company is based on the “Labor Pension Act”, where 6% of each employee's salary will be appropriated to their individual pension account of the Bureau of Labor Insurance every month. We will also assist in voluntary submission in accordance with the wishes of each employee. Furthermore, if any employee is eligible for employee pension in accordance with the “Labor Standards Act”, our company will appropriate 2% of total salary to the pension fund every month, which will be saved in the designated account of Bank of Taiwan in the name of the Supervisory Committee of Workers’ Pension Preparation Fund.

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 Salary and Bonus

  • Competitive 12 months salary

  • Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Year-End bonuses (Based on company operational performance)

  • Patent Bonus to encourage technological innovations

  • Project Bonus (Based on the efficiency and achieving ratio of the project implementation)

  • Bonus (To share the operating success with employees, based on company profitability, the achievement of organization goals and the individual's performance)

Paid Leave

  • Special leaves are granted in accordance with the Labor Standards Act, and the number of days allotted for such leaves will increase with years of service

  • Temporary leave due to natural disasters such as typhoon will be considered paid leave

  • Various leaves can be granted by law, and there will be flexible leaves granted in addition to those required by the Labor Standards Act every year

  • 16 hours of corporate volunteer leaves  are granted each year to encourage employees to spontaneously participate in society volunteer service



Life Care

  • Free employee health examination once every two years

  • Monthly on-site medical consultation services by physicians

  • Subsidy for taxi rides to and from work for pregnant employees

  • Work from home program for childcare 

Special Subsidies

  • Travel subsidy

  • Gift certificates for Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, and Labor Day

  • Birthday gift certificate and cake

  • Cash gifts for marriage and child birth

  • Child-raising Allowance
  • White envelope for funeral

  • Subsidies for lunch and overtime meal

  • Scholarships for children of employees

  • Affiliated store

  • Department activity fund

Employee counseling and Assistance

  • Employee emergency condolence allowance

  • On-site professional mental consultation services

  • Employee hospitalization condolence allowance

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Conveninet Service and Welfare Facilities

  • Staff cafeteria

  • Convenience store

  • Cafe

  • Sports leisure zone

  • Library

  • On-site visually impaired massage services

  • On-site bank service, insurance, and travel agency support

Arts activities

Our company organizes various arts activities periodically, such as:

  • Exhibitions of paintings or photography works by domestic and international famous artists

  • Life and finance lectures

  • Arts and culture lectures

Social activities

Our company encourages various social activities by providing subsidizing funds, sponsorships, and support with manpower and resources. Currently there are numerous activities in our company, including the table tennis club, badminton club, softball club, basketball club, tabletop game club, bicycle club, golf club, tennis club, jogging club, volleyball club, and swimming club.