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Novatek Environmental Management

Environmental protection is the responsibility of every Novatek employee. In our efforts for the continuous growth of the company, it is vital that we also follow relevant laws and standards in order to minimize any harm to our environment. In order to do our part to help fulfill this goal, Novatek promises to:

  • Take diverse practices that preclude the pollution, possible injures and ill health, so as to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

  • Research and develop environmentally-friendly products.

  • Committing to energy saving and carbon reduction, as well as to minimize waste and increase recycling .

  • Obey laws and other standards related to environmental protection.

  • Regularly review the results of our environmental protection efforts, in order to ensure that we are achieving our goals.

  • Ensure that all employees understand their personal responsibilities toward environmental protection.

  • Disclose all relevant policies to the public.

  • Regularly investigate to ensure that our policies continue to be relevant, appropriate and continuously improved.

Environmental Safety Policy Statement

(1) Novatek resolutely follows and implements ISO 140001 Environmental Standards and ISO 45001 / TOSHMS Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

(2) Novatek resolutely maintains and strives to fulfill environmental safety policies, meet all relevant requirements, and continue to improve our environmental safety management systems.


These are Novatek’s promises.

Environment Policy
Environment Policy Environment Policy