Product Overview


Today's ever-increasing needs for consumer electronics ranging from personal mobile devices to large-size home and OA equipment has triggered a soaring demand for innovative semiconductor solutions. Novatek, has emerged as the leading global flat panel display solution provider and market leader, offering a full range of display driver ICs & SoC solutions to revolutionize the performance & capabilities on every digital device. Thanks to the availability of advanced silicon foundry services in its backyard and the dynamic market for digital products, Novatek has successfully diversified its product lines and achieved renowned design wins with major global flat-panel display vendors. Novatek strives to consistently deliver quality products to the market with the best added-value at the right time.

Novatek is committed to the development of creative, customer-focused technologies that optimize the performance and utilization of digital devices and provide customized design services including integrated circuit design services to meet the emerging needs of our worldwide customers.

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