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Accomplished Milestones

NOV. 2021

Launched AMOLED DDIC fully supports LTPO technology and dynamic frame rate, which can adaptively lower the refresh rate based on display content to reduce power consumption.

Introduced Novatek's new generation 6 bits PHI 1446ch COF source driver IC for NB market.

Introduced Novatek's new 8 bits CEDS 966ch 3.52G COF TV source driver IC supporting 8K4K , 1D1G panel.

OCT. 2021

Introduced automobile 1/2/3-chip cascade TDDI product for large-size in-cell touch automotive display solution.

SEP. 2021

Introduced COF type mini LED NB backlight control IC.

Introduced HD TDDI with a fan-type bump design, which provide entry-level smartphones an extended active area and 120Hz refresh rate.

Next generation automotive TCON solution, embedded with HDCP decryption, in-cell touch & local dimming feature, driving the market for higher level large size automotive display.

AUG. 2021

Introduced LTPS LCD DDIC features local dimming and blinking-backlight technology. Increase LCD’s contrast ratio and reduce motion blur for AR/VR applications.

Introduced Novatek's new generation 8 bits CSPI 966ch COF source driver IC with output data delay control for TV market.

JUL. 2021

Introduced monitor controller with TTS (Text to Speech) function.

Introduced Novatek's new generation of low cost UHD Smart TV SoC solution. Support AV1 UHD decoder, HDMI 2.1 functionality. Fulfill TV system requirement including Android TV, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon PV, ect. To provide cost competitive product for TV makers.

JUN. 2021

Introduced VR mini LED backlight driver IC.

Ultra low power and low cost solution for FHD60/120/144Hz & QHD60Hz eDP1.4 solution, highly compatible to all GPU/GFX and brand power saving features for power saving, providing customer best solution for mid-end NB products.

Introduced a professional surveillance SoC equipped with a self-developed deep learning accelerator (DLA), which is targeted for multi-channel DVR/NVR/HVR applications. As an edge AI platform, various general-purpose detection networks are supported, such as MobileNET/SSD/YOLO V3, etc. Builds in ARM Cortex A53 quad-core CPU, H.265/H.264 video encoding/decoding engine, video/graphic processing engine, 4K UHD display, RGMII ethernet, USB3.0 and USB2.0 ports, PCIe Gen3, SATA3.0 ports. By these features, it can provide customers high end solution with high-video-quality and high-performance, which is suitable for advanced applications including smart surveillance and security.

MAY. 2021

Introduced pOLED COF driver for true black and high contrast ratio automotive curved OLED display.

Mass production Novatek's new generation 8 bits PHI 1446ch low power COG NB source driver IC.

APR. 2021

Introduced 10mW high integrated 60 scan and 69 channel LED PID common cathode driver IC.

Launched AMOLED TDDI for smartphones which integrates display driver IC and touch controller in a single chip.

MAR. 2021

Mass production AMOLED DDIC which carries out of camera-under-display technology and realized full-screen display in smartphones.

FEB. 2021

Introduced automobile 1/2-chip cascade embedded OSD TDDI product for in-cell touch automotive display solution.

JAN. 2021

Introduced OLED Mobile LTPO IC.

Mass production 5120 x 1440 240Hz with 2000 zones local dimming high end gaming monitor controller.

Introduced mobile ASIC solution. Support MEMC for small object issue from bullet screen, AISR for enhancing picture quality, 3DNR for adaptive night vision. To provide best vision experience with lower power consumption for Mobile device.

Novatek launched a highly-integrated SoC with high image quality, low bitrate, low power consumption, targets on 5 Mega pixels Edge-Computing IP camera application. It supports a single HDR sensor input and a deep learning hardware accelerator (DLA) with a computing power of 0.7 Tops. The integration of multiple hardware technologies enables deep learning to be implemented in various video processing applications. Including smart surveillance of the security industry, Intelligent analysis of driving images and safety analysis of home care.