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Accomplished Milestones

DEC. 2023

For battery-powered imaging applications, an ultra-low power intelligent image processing SoC is introduced, which, when paired with an Always-on (AO) CMOS sensor, can record images at power consumption below 2mW, effectively extending battery life. Simultaneously, an ultra-low voltage operating mode has been developed, consuming only 150mW of power under a workload of 2Mp30. It is suitable for applications such as smart doorbells, smart locks, ecological recording cameras, law enforcement devices, and home smart monitoring.

HD TDDI with qHD resolution, chip size reduced but functional improvement and power saving.

Introduced 1/2-chip cascade embedded OSD & local dimming TED product for automotive instrument cluster & HUD solution.

NOV. 2023

Introduced high cost/performance FHD 120Hz monitor controller.

Equipped with a new generation AI-ISP image processing engine, it solves the problem of image quality degradation caused by high noise in ultra-low light (0.1Lux) scenes. With the help of AI, it can effectively remove noise while preserving the original details, ensuring that the image quality meets the requirements of applications. It is suitable for starlight-level intelligent surveillance, low-light interference record cameras, and short-exposure dash cams.

Introduced adopting 12nm high-end process for IT TCON product. High speed logic with integrated functions for UHD240Hz (DP2.0 RX UHBR135) LCD & OLED panel picture quality compensation, achieving best performance and lowest power consumption at the same chip.

OCT. 2023

Introduced 8K120 TV SoC solution. Adopted 6nm process for higher CPU, GPU, NPU and DPU performance. Enhanced MEMC capability to 8K120. Equipped high speed interface (DP2.0 and PCIE) to provide more applications for customer’s flagship TV product.

Introduced high efficiency PMIC for DDR5.

Over Drive for narrow boarder unbalance LCD Panel Loading Tcon embedded driver.

Introduced 1/2/3-chip cascade embedded TDDI product for in-cell touch automotive display alternative solution.

SEP. 2023

Introduced 2Mp low power image sensor with pre-roll function. No matter whether it operates in normal or always-ON condition, it has outstanding performance above the industry level in image quality and power consumption. Coupled with innovative realtime recording and self-storage functions, it can shorten product development time and reduce system complexity. The built-in HDR synthesis engine allows low-power imaging products to not only have advantages in power consumption, but also maintain outstanding image quality.

FHD TDDI with 900RGB (326 PPI) resolution, 20-30% power save and 15Hz low frame rate LTPS panel timing supported.

AUG. 2023

Low power CDR circuit for OLED NB driver application.

AMOLED DDIC which supports LTPO 8T1C backplane in the field, max resolution is 1344p which also support multi area fresh rate for power saving defining by end customer requirement; low driving current on Tandem panel technology for increasing AMOLED life time.

JUL. 2023

Introduced 3rd generation of mobile ASIC solution for customer’s flagship phone. Adopted 6nm process. Integrate customer’s portrait algorithm and combine with Novatek NN for visual enhancement. To deliver multi functionalities of ISP/Camera improvement scheme to fulfill customer’s requirement.

Low power small form factor on/out-cell touch controller.

JUN. 2023

The intelligent vision SoC, equipped with the new generation (CNN 3.0) self-developed deep learning hardware accelerator (DLA), can be applied to 8K imaging and multichannel image stitching products with 8 routes and 4 million inputs. With its powerful DLA unit of up to 8 Tops, it can be used as an edge AI server. The high-performance multi-core CPU and GPU, along with ultra-high bandwidth LPDDR4 and rich peripheral interfaces, meet customers’ diverse application requirements, making it suitable for highend product applications such as intelligent surveillance system, machine vision, and smart cabins to upgrade.

MAY. 2023

Mass production high integration and unique features for high end OLED gaming monitor controller.

MAR. 2023

Introduced MNT ES9.0 high efficiency PMIC.

Introduced Ramless/2Mux AMOLED driver IC supports LTPO 8T1C backplane in the field, which is equipped with wider resolution ranged to 1280p, demura IP improvement for low brightness picture quality and more. Trending the 1.5K resolution panel with Ramless DDIC.

Introduced PHI/iSP dual Interface LTDI with 4~20chips cascade function for large size in-cell touch automotive display.

FEB. 2023

Introduced standard mobile display ASIC solution for mid to high end gaming phone. 12nm process bring new low cost LDSR (low distortion super resolution) and low latency MEMC. Enable LDSR and MEMC at the same time can reduce 30% power consumption of whole mobile system.

Integrated One Chip for high PPI low carbon emission color e-paper digital signage.