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Accomplished Milestones

DEC. 2022

Introduced 2Mp with 2.9um BSI DCG pixel, 60 fps HDR combined CMOS image sensor. This new product has advantage in multi-HDR-camera application. Build in fast AE & AWB engine and auto stream on/off control unit, which provides various operating requirements.

NOV. 2022

Introduced AM type mini LED driver for glass backlight plate.

Introduced eDP/LVDS dual Interface Tcon with 2520 zone local dimming for 6K1K large size automotive display.

Introduced OLED Mobile EL IC for Tandem.

OCT. 2022

Introduced NB Gaming High Efficiency PMIC

Introduced 6 bits mLVDS driver for FHD 120Hz LCD display.

SEP. 2022

Mass production high cost/performance QHD 180Hz gaming monitor controller.

Introduced Tablet TDDI with a fan-type bump product, which can support large size , high resolution and  frame rate , active pen with single chip will be the first solution in market.

Introduced  source driver with PHI interface for high response time and high voltage liquid crystal, which can offer better user experience for advanced gaming Notebook.

AUG. 2022

Introduced 2250ch COP source driver for OLED NB.

Introduced Finger touch driver with Single-chip for in-cell NB LCD display.

JUL. 2022

Introduced the highest performance Optical FPR Sensor with Anti-spoofing for under OLED solution.

Extending compression technology in NT36523 series product, which provide solution of high frame rate with low-end AP.

JUN. 2022

Introduced automobile 1/2/3-chip cascade embedded TDDI product compatible with TD7800 for in-cell touch automotive display alternative solution.

High integration solution for 8K120/144Hz TV and Monitor display, embedded with various picture quality feature, the best solution for high resolution TV and monitor display.

MAY. 2022

Introduced 32ch HV, PM type mini LED backlight driver IC.

Introduced 2nd generation of mobile ASIC solution. Enhanced NVT MEMC and 3DNR IP performance for gaming. To offer feature differentiation under the limited AP solutions.

Introduced NB TDDI with a fan-type bump product, which co-design eDP & MIPI interface for high range application and realize specific sync feature with MSO interface structure.

Launched a highly-integrated SoC with high image quality, low bitrate, low power consumption, targets on 20 Mega pixels Edge-Computing IP camera application. It supports a single HDR sensor input and a deep learning hardware accelerator (DLA) with a computing power of 2.5 Tops. The integration of multiple hardware technologies enables deep learning to be implemented in various video processing applications. Including smart surveillance of the security industry, Intelligent analysis of driving images and safety analysis of home care.

APR. 2022

Introduced new generation of 4K120 UHD Smart TV & 4K144 Smart Monitor SoC solution. 12nm process bring high performance CPU, GPU, NPU and DSP. Support 4K120 AV1/HEVC decoder for PIP usage. HDMI 2.1, DP1.4 and eDP interface can fulfill Smart TV and Monitor requirement.

Phased in mass production 8 bits driver IC for 480Hz frame rate gaming-NB application.

MAR. 2022

Introduced automobile 1/2-chip cascade embedded OSD 2.0 TDDI product for in-cell touch automotive display solution.

Introduced high integration and unique gaming features high end gaming monitor controller.

Introduced high-pin count and single-chip solution for AMOLED display. This innovative AMOLED DDIC provides flexible design for whole system and can improve display quality for foldable smartphone.

FEB. 2022

Introduced Ramless/2Mux AMOLED DDIC that provides a cost-competitive option for system manufacturers.

Introduced a professional surveillance SoC equipped with a self-developed deep learning accelerator (DLA), which is targeted for multi-channel DVR/NVR/HVR applications as an edge AI platform. By these features, it can provide customers high end solution with high-video-quality and high-performance, which is suitable for advanced applications including smart surveillance and security.