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Accomplished Milestones

JAN. 2017

Novatek Board of Directors passes resolution to acquire surveillance business from Faraday Technology Corporation, which includes DVR and IP-Cam SOC and other products, along with related intellectual property, technology, and fixed asset.

MAY. 2015

Novatek ranked as the world's 10th largest IC fabelss company with revenue.

The first IC design company in Taiwan with AEO certificate.

FEB. 2015

Establishes Novatek (Shenzhen) subsidiary, mainly engaged in design and testing of semiconductor application software, and offering customer service.

DEC. 2011

Hsinchu Science Park Adminstration granted Novatek 『Outstanding Business Performace Award 』.

APR. 2011

Novatek (Xi'an) Co., Ltd establised to reinforce its service for China customers.

Novatek ranked as the world's 11th largest IC fabelss company with revenue topping 1 billion US dollars.

JUN. 2008

Novatek and Cheertek mergered.

MAR. 2008

Novatek is recognized as the 11th largest fabless IC design company in terms of sales revenue .(source:GSA global fabless 2007)

Novatek is recognized as the second largest fabless IC design company in Taiwan in terms of sales revenue. (source:ITRI/IEK 2007 Taiwan Top 10 fabless)

SEP. 2007

Novatek is selected as the 37th place of the BusinessWeek Asia 2007 Top 50 Best Performing Company in Asia conducted by BusinessWeek Asia.

JUL. 2007

Novatek is recognized as the largest supplier of Display Driver IC for large-size LCD panels, as well as the world's second largest supplier of Display driver IC by world's leading reserach company - iSuppli.

MAY. 2007

Novatek is granted Lloyd's ISO 14001 Environmental Standards and the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

JUN. 2006

Ranked as No. 24 in Business Week 2005 The Info Tech 100.

AUG. 2005

Ranked as No. 26 in Business Week 2004 The Info Tech 100 and No. 8 most profitable Company.

AUG. 2004

Capital surplus increases to NT$546M, capitalization grows to NT$3.977B.

Novatek is selected by Business Weekly as “The Most Shareholder Friendly IC Fabless Company in Taiwan”.

JUL. 2004

Novatek is ranked as “Next for 1st place in the top 100 IT companies in Taiwan survey” conducted by business week.

JUN. 2004

Places 20th in the “IT 100” survey conducted by Business week.

MAR. 2004

Novatek and Wiseware mergered.

DEC. 2003

Novatek and Wiseware agree to merge.

AUG. 2003

Capital surplus increases to NT$495M, capitalization grows to NT$3.384B.

MAY. 2003

A contract is signed with the Ministry of Economic Affairs for new technology development – [Solid State Camcorder SoC]

SEP. 2002

Establishes Novatek (Suzhou) subsidiary to reinforce its service customers in China.

AUG. 2002

Novatek is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange main board; (TSE), stock code : 3034.

Capital surplus increases to NT$537M, capitalization grows to NT$2.888B.

OCT. 2001

Novatek Japan, a sales subsidiary is established in Tokyo, Japan to reinforce its sales & service in the Japanese market.

APR. 2001

Novatek is listed on the OTC market, stock code: 5499.

AUG. 1998

Novatek is granted Lloyd's ISO-9001 international quality system certification.

MAY. 1997

Novatek is incorporated, from the former commercial product division of UMC (United Microelectronics Corp.)